Configuring Domains

By default, the domain for the first-party cookie is populated with the actual domain that served the page. To track visitors across different domains, configure your JavaScript tag to set the domain that should be associated with your first-party cookie.

Consider the following domains:

All of these domains are subdomains of the root domain Therefore, in the Webtrends Analytics 9 user interface, you would specify (note the leading period) to track cookies across these domains.

Also, note that another domain such as can be a separate root domain that belongs to the same Webtrends account. Using Webtrends cross-domain tracking, the same visitor ID can be moved from one domain to another. This is because Webtrends Analytics 9 can recognize that all four domains are members of the same account (Webtrends).

You can specify the domain for your cookie when you add or edit a data source.

  1. In the left pane, click Administration > Application Settings > Data Sources.
  2. Mouse over a data source and click Edit on the Action menu.
  3. Click SmartSource Data Collector.
  4. Click Tracking.
  5. Select the Set the First-Party Cookie domain check box.
  6. Type the name of the domain you want to use. Precede the domain name with a period so that all sub-domains are rolled up into the domain. If you do not add the period, the cookie is set to the actual domain which serves the page. For example, type