About Attributes

An attribute is a characteristic of an event, visit or visitor. Attributes are typically named using words or phrases that modify the noun in the event description.

For example, press relations is an attribute that is a characteristic of a content group event, Sony DVR is an attribute of a product view event, Free Shipping is a characteristic of an ad event. Events can include a single attribute but typically they are composed of multiple attributes that you want to track.

By employing multiple attributes to focus an event, you improve the precision and relevance of your marketing campaigns and gain the power and flexibility of an enterprise-class data warehouse. You can further enhance analysis by translating or augmenting attributes using lookup tables.

Event attributes are also represented in data extracts in Data Scheduler. If you change an event attribute, the columns no longer match and scheduled extracts containing data related to that event will not run. To remedy this, edit the extract, making the attribute columns identical to those in the changed attribute.