Accessing Visitor Data Mart Data Through Named Queries

Named queries are simple names mapped to SQL queries that allow Visitor Data Mart users to query their data directly or from a third-party application using the Webtrends ODBC Driver or Visitor 360 web services.

You can use named queries to retrieve data using Excel or another querying tool, or automate your queries using a third-party application. You can also export results for any single query by creating a scheduled job in the Webtrends Scheduler.

Named Query Creation

Contact your account representative for assistance with named query setup. Support can add named queries you create yourself, create queries for you, or help you use predefined queries instead of creating your own. To create named queries, click Web AnalysisVisitor Data MartNamed Queries in the left pane of Administration.

Before You Use Queries

Before you can use queries with ODBC, you must install the Webtrends ODBC Driver.