Ad Hoc Analysis

Reanalyze a profile to respond to changed reporting needs or other configuration changes, or to populate a profile with data that existed before the profile was created.

Note: Access to Ad Hoc Analysis is restricted to the Administrator role, which automatically inherits the right to start and cancel Ad Hoc Analysis jobs (both free and paid). Other roles must be assigned the new action right Ad Hoc Analysis Requests.
  1. In the left pane, click Administration > Web Analysis > Reports & Profiles.
  2. Mouse over a profile and click Ad Hoc Analysis from the Action menu.
  3. Choose whether to keep or delete historical data.
  4. Choose a start date for the analysis period. If there is no log data for a profile in a given time period, that time period isn’t among the selections (for example, if there is only 1 week of data, Current Month is the largest range that appears). Similarly, if there is no archive for a time period, that time period will not be available for selection of a reanalysis period.
  5. Enter the e-mail addresses of people to notify when the analysis is complete, otherwise only you will be notified when the reanalysis is complete.
  6. Click Analyze.