Advanced Profile Dialogs

These dialogs are included in the Advanced Profile wizard. Dialogs marked with an asterisk (*) may not be displayed depending on the wizard settings you choose. However, choosing Advanced Settings typically displays all the dialogs for the Advanced Profile wizard.

Data Sources

Specifies the location of the web data file.


Specifies the portion of the log to analyze, whether to retrieve HTML page titles, whether to enable Express Analysis, and time zone behavior. (If you are a Webtrends Analytics 9 user, specifies the time zone to be displayed when displaying reports).


Specifies the location of the site home page.

Host Binding*

Specifies whether analysis should run only on certain computers or groups of computers.

Page File Types*

Specifies which file types Webtrends counts as page views.

Parent Child*

Specifies the settings used to create a Parent-Child profile.


Specifies whether any programs should run immediately after analysis.


Specifies whether any programs should run immediately before analysis.

Profile Class

Specifies the type of web data to use and whether to create a standard, Advanced SmartView, Event Database, or Parent-Child report.

Profile Name

Specifies the name of the profile, the site domain name (used to identify the SmartView domain and the website URL) and (for Webtrends Analytics 9 users) the time zone.


Specifies when analysis should occur.

Session Tracking*

Specifies whether to apply profile-specific settings for tracking user sessions.

Site Configuration*

Specifies whether the web server resides on one server or multiple servers.


Specifies whether to enable SmartView reporting. For advanced SmartView profiles, specifies whether to analyze the home page domain or another domain.


Specifies the settings established for the profile.

Report Packs

Specifies the licensed report packs you want to use with the current profile. Report Packs determine what kinds of reports Webtrends creates, and thus the type of data included in reports for this profile.

URL Rebuilding*

Specifies whether to apply settings that modify URLs before analysis to provide more accurate reporting.