Campaign Segment Reports

You may want to know more about your campaign success within specific market segments. Because Webtrends Analytics 9 is especially powerful for correlating data over time, it also provides campaign tracking reports that focus on differentiating particular market segments.

For an example of how visitor segmentation can provide crucial information about campaign conversions, expand Marketing > Campaigns > Segments in the left pane of Webtrends Analytics Reports and select the Campaigns by New Vs. Returning Visitors report.

As shown in the following graphic, New Vs. Returning Visitors is a drilldown report. By expanding the Email Campaign section of both the Returning and New Visitor section, you can see that Returning visitors brought in dramatically more revenue than New visitors.

Drilldown reports such as this one show statistics at each level viewed. Statistics roll up to the top level when the view is collapsed.

Webtrends Analytics 9 also provides Segmentation reports you can use to compare other demographic segments, including first-time versus repeat buyers, Lifetime Value, and geographic location. Webtrends customers who license Custom Reporting can also define their own custom segments to create campaign reports for further comparison.