The Campaigns Dashboard

Most enterprise-level businesses run simultaneous campaigns in several locations or media. To begin with, you probably want to know which of these campaigns has been the most successful. A good place to start for an overview of campaign success is the Campaigns dashboard.

You can open the Campaigns Dashboard report by opening the Sample: Zedesco report and clicking Marketing > Campaigns > Campaigns Dashboard in the left pane.

The Campaigns dashboard shows you an expandable snapshot of several kinds of report data. For example, the following graphic shows a breakdown of campaign clickthroughs by demand channel. You can see from the graphic that the Email Campaign demand channel comprised a larger share of clickthroughs than any other demand channel during the reporting period.

Demand channels appear in charts with color coding and percentage of total clickthroughs.

However, you probably have other questions about how to interpret this data. For example, you probably want to know whether all email campaigns were equally successful, or whether one particular campaign accounted for most of the clickthroughs. If your site is a commerce site, you are almost certainly interested in which of those clickthroughs led to sales, and how much revenue you realized from each demand channel. You might want to know whether visitors who responded to a campaign by placing an order were new buyers, or repeat buyers. You might even wonder which banner graphics drew the most affiliate clickthroughs to your site.