The Campaigns Drilldown Report

Open the Campaigns Drilldown report to get more answers about campaign success. Click the Campaigns link at the top of the graph (or click Marketing > Campaigns > Campaigns in the left report pane).

At the top level, the Campaigns Drilldown shows statistics about each campaign demand channel, but the drilldown functionality provides a collapsible, hierarchical view of the Partners, Marketing Programs, Marketing Activities, Campaign Descriptions, and Campaign IDs associated with each demand channel. This means you can dig deeper into each level to effortlessly compare data for different marketing efforts.

The following graphic shows the Campaigns drilldown report with some of the Demand Channel levels expanded.

Campaign demand channels appear with color coding. Sub-level item totals roll up into the demand channel total at the top level.

The gross clickthrough count for different demand channels shows that Email Campaigns brought in by far the highest number of clickthroughs. However, digging deeper into both Email Campaigns and Advertising Partners shows that a single Email Campaign Marketing Program, Free Shipping and Special Offers, brought in more than twice as many clickthroughs as the second most popular email offer. When you compare the results for each individual Advertising Partner to the other email Marketing Programs, both for clickthroughs, revenue, and orders, it's clear that while the Free Shipping program got great results, non-email demand channels are in general achieving results comparable to email.

Campaign drilldown reports also provide a graphical representation of your data. Note that the first measure column in this report is Clickthroughs, and that the graphical view of the data (shown in the following graphic) breaks down the data by number of clickthroughs.

Campaign demand channels branch into clickthroughs by partner in their respective channels.

To see a graphic that shows data in terms of a different measure, such as Visits or Orders, click the + sign at the top of the first report column and select a measure.

Drilling Down Further

You can leverage the drilldown capability of the Campaigns report to investigate campaign success at a high level of granularity. To review the information shown in your report, click the arrow icon at the left of the report table. The following graphic shows the levels included in the default Campaigns report.

Expand the Campaign Drilldown heading to see a list of drilldown levels available.

Drilling down to the Campaign Description level allows you to compare very specific information about which offers got the most visits and the highest revenue. For example, the following graphic shows how you can drill down to compare the effectiveness of different MSN banner ads.

In a demand channel, expand a partner, then a marketing program, and then a marketing activity to display statistics at those levels.

Querying a Drilldown Report

Suppose you want to compare how well different offers converted customers to purchase DVDs and DVD accessories. Creating a custom query can help you navigate the large amount of information in a report and focus on only a specific range of results. After you use a query to narrow down the report data, you can export the filtered report for later distribution.

Queries can be as simple or complex as your requirements: see the Query Help for more information. The following example used the query Campaign Description = *DVD* to request all the results at the Campaign Description level that included the word DVD.

The following graphic shows the results of the query for several different types of campaigns.

Query results show the same types of drilldown statistics, but results are filtered by the data requested in your query.