Column Errors

Column errors occur when your data file contains rows with a number of columns that does not match the number of columns in the lookup table you are importing data to.

When a column error occurs during an import, Visitor Data Mart writes an error log to the Errors folder. Column error log files are named like this:


Where ImportFileName.txt is the file name the configuration file.

Each entry in a column error log contains the invalid row from the data file, the line number of the invalid row, a description of the error and an example of the column delimiter.


1111.1,shirt,2/1/09,----> ERROR (Line 1): There were 4 columns found, only 3 columns were expected [column delimiter = ',']

In this example, the error occurred because the comma at the end of the row created an empty fourth column at the end of the row. The lookup table contains only three columns, so this four-column row produces an error.