Configuring SmartView Using JavaScript Tags

If you use Webtrends Analytics 9 or SmartSource Data Collector and you have a Custom Reports Pack, you can configure your Webtrends JavaScript tag to track pages for SmartView. With SmartView page tracking enabled in the tag, and a META tag on the pages you want SmartView to track, you can identify the pages that you want to make available in your SmartView reports.

To report on SmartView-tagged pages, you create a SmartView-compatible custom report that uses filters to report on only SmartView-tagged pages.

Profile analysis table limits and report table limits determine the amount of data available in SmartView. Although tagging pages for SmartView transition tracking increases the likelihood that SmartView shows data for the pages you have tagged, these pages are still subject to the analysis and report table limits. Therefore, it is possible that some pages tagged for SmartView tracking may not be available in the SmartView report if limits are met. For more information about these limits, see the SmartView User’s Guide on the Webtrends Documentation page.

Consider using the JavaScript tag to track SmartView pages if your organization: