Configuring a Standard Scheduled Report

A standard scheduled report contains the full range of available report information.

  1. In the left pane, click Administration > Job Scheduler > Scheduled Jobs.
  2. Click New.
  3. Click Scheduled Report.
  4. In the Report Type dialog, click Standard Report.
  5. In the Profile dialog, select the profile for which you want to schedule reports.
  6. In the General dialog, provide a description and owner for the scheduled report job.
  7. In the Report Destination dialog, specify how you want to deliver the scheduled report.
    Note: If you want to deliver the report using secure FTP, you may need to configure public-private key encryption.
  8. In the Templates dialog, select the report template containing the reports you want to export. The templates you see depend on the profile you selected.
  9. In the Reports dialog, select the reports you want to export. Press Ctrl and click to select multiple reports.
  10. In the Time Range dialog, select the range of data you want to export.
  11. In the Schedule dialog, specify when and how often you want Webtrends Analytics 9 to generate and export the report.
  12. In the Host Binding and Priority dialog, specify the priority for the job and what computers it can run on.