Create a General Content Group Activity Extract for Data Dashboards

Track content group activity by creating and scheduling a Visitor Data Extract.

  1. Create a new extract: in the left pane of Webtrends Analytics 9 Administration, click Import/Export > Data Scheduler > Upcoming.
  2. Click New and then click Visitor Data Extract.
  3. In the Name of This Extract text box, name the object Activity to Content by Model Year.
  4. In the Object list, click Content Group View.
  5. In the Fields list, select the Select All check box to include all the attributes associated with Content Group users. This selection provides all the internal and Webtrends data for each visitor that accessed data for each model year.
  6. In the Time Period list, click Week.
  7. In the File Properties list, click Define Custom.
  8. In the Name field, name the file properties definition Dashboard. You can reuse this file properties definition to create other extracts compatible with your dashboard creation application.
  9. Select the Include Header Rows check box.
  10. In the Delimiter list, click Custom and type a semicolon to indicate data should be separated by semicolons.
  11. In the Text Qualifier list, select Double Quote.
  12. Click Save.
  13. In the Notify list, select Patricia's user name and the Marketing Director's user name to notify for Success and Errors using the To field. Then click + and add the IT director's name to notify him of Errors Only.
  14. Click Schedule to schedule the extract. The extract runs three hours after midnight after the next week of data has been loaded in Visitor Data Mart.