Create a One-Time Extract for a Targeted Email Campaign

A Visitor Data Extract can be run one time only for a campaign.

  1. Create a new extract: in the left pane of Webtrends Analytics 9, click Import/Export > Data Scheduler > Upcoming.
  2. Click New and select Visitor Data Extract.
  3. In the Name of This Extract text box, name the object November Email Campaign.
  4. In the Description box, type a description.
  5. In the Object list, select Content Group View.
  6. In the Fields list, select the following fields:
    • Visitor ID
    • Content Group
    • Content Sub-Group
    • Content Group Event Time
    • Initial Visit Time - Visitor Attributes
    • Gender - Visitor Attributes
    • Age - Visitor Attributes
    • Income Bracket - Visitor Attributes
    • Lifetime Visit Count - Visitor Attributes
    • Email Address - Visitor Attributes
    • Zip Code - Visitor Attributes
  7. In the Filter list, create the following data filters:
    1. Content Group equals 2009
    2. Lifetime Visits Greater Than Equal to 3
    3. Income Bracket Greater Than $40,000
  8. Set the Time Period to Month to collect only data about content group visits from the last month.
  9. Use the Default setting for file properties.
  10. In the Notify field, select Patricia’s user name and the Marketing Director’s user name to notify for Success and Errors using the To field.
  11. Click Schedule to schedule the extract. The extract runs three hours after midnight after the next week of data has been loaded in Visitor Data Mart.