Creating a New Profile with Performance Dashboards

Use these settings in the Profile Wizard to enable Performance Dashboards and create a profile.

  1. In the Profile Class dialog, select a Webtrends Analytics 9 profile with Full-Featured Analysis. Basic Analysis profiles do not support Performance Dashboards.
  2. In the Report Packs dialog, enabling the appropriate Report Packs provides the simplest configuration for enabling the Campaign and Product Performance Dashboards.
    • To use the Campaigns Performance Dashboard, enable the Marketing Report Pack.
    • To use the Products Performance Dashboard, enable the Commerce Report Pack. Enabling these report packs enables the underlying reports for the Performance Dashboard.
    • To enable the Key Metrics Performance Dashboard, enable either the Site Design and Performance Report Pack or the Marketing Report Pack and select the Include Standard Reports check box.
  3. Finish configuring the profile with no further special configuration.
    Note: You should also make sure you are using a template, such as the Complete View template, that includes the Performance Dashboards you want to use and their underlying reports.