Creating a Profile Using the Basic Profile Wizard

In basic mode, the profile wizard creates a Standard Full-Featured Analysis profile.

  1. In the Profile Name dialog, enter a name for your profile.
  2. If you are a Webtrends Analytics 9 user, specify the time zone you want to use when displaying your reports.
  3. Select a profile type for the platform you want to track: Site, iOS App, BlackBerry App, Android App, Windows Phone App, Mobile App.
  4. Enter the home page of your web site or the name of your app. The domain or name you provide here maps to a space in Analytics 10. When you enter an existing domain or app name, it maps to an existing space; a new domain or app name creates a new space.
  5. In the Data Sources dialog, specify a data source (if you have already configured one) or create a new data source. A data source identifies the location of the web data that you want to track with this profile.
  6. In the Session Tracking dialog, specify how to identify user sessions for the profile.
  7. In the Summary dialog, review your settings.