Creating Scenario Steps Using SmartSource Tags

Use this procedure to configure each step you want to track in your scenario analysis.

  1. In the Scenario Analysis Step dialog, under Ordered List of Steps, click Add.
  2. Type a name to identify the step. Webtrends Analytics 9 does not use this setting during analysis, but it gives you a way to identify the step in Administration
  3. In the SmartSource Identification String text box, type the Webtrends query parameter that identifies the step. Use one of the following methods to identify the step by name or number:
    • By name: Tag your web pages with the WT.si_p parameter, and type the value of the WT.si_p parameter in the SmartSource Identification String text box. For example, if you plan to tag your web page for this step WT.si_p=CartView, type CartView here.
    • By number: Tag your pages with the WT.si_x parameter. That value is used to specify the numeric position of the step.
      Note: What you specify here is for your purposes only. Webtrends does not use the SmartSource Identification String setting for steps specified with the WT.si_x parameter.
      After you configure all the steps for this scenario, arrange the steps in the Ordered List of Steps list box to match each step's position.
  4. In the Report Name text box, type a name that identifies the step in reports.
  5. In the Description (Help Card) text box, provide explanatory information for this step. This information is included in the Help Card section of the report.
  6. Click Next.
    • If you selected the Use SmartSource tags exclusively check box, leave the settings in the When to Measure dialog blank.
    • Otherwise, type the URL of the page to track for this step in the Page Expression text box. Webtrends looks for SmartSource tag data, and if there is none, it identifies scenario data using the URLs you specify in your Scenario Analysis definition.
    • If you want to treat the Page Expression text box as a regular expression, select the Regular Expression check box. Otherwise, leave the check box unselected.
    • If your site content is delivered using dynamic pages, click New to specify the parameters that define this step.
  7. Click Save.