Customize the Campaign Drilldown CSV File

Implement the powerful drilldown feature for campaign reporting.

To implement the powerful drilldown feature for campaign reporting, Webtrends Analytics 9 uses the campaigns.csv file. For software users, this file resides in the installation directory\storage\config\wtm_wtx\datfiles\datasources directory. The information in this translation file identifies the following information for each campaign:

A Note on Custom Translation Files

It is technically possible to create campaign reports based on a translation file that uses different dimension columns or a different order of dimensions than those used in the default campaigns.csv file. However, with this method, translation occurs once for each corresponding dimension in each report, rather than only once during Visitor History processing. The number of lookups required to create the drilldowns is thus much larger, and increases dramatically with any increase in the number of drilldown reports or in the size of the translation file. Because of the potential performance and scalability problems associated with these extra lookups, it is best to use only the methods described in this document to modify campaign translation files.