Customizing Campaigns and Products Translation Files

When modifying the campaigns.csv or products.csv translation files to use your own data, Webtrends recommends modifying these translation files rather than creating new ones.

If you are creating more than one version of products.csv or campaigns.csv, copy the original file and preserve the original column structure as described in Step 3.

It is technically possible to create campaigns and products drilldown reports based on a translation file that uses different number of dimension columns or a different order of dimensions than those used in the default CSV files. However, with this method, translation occurs once for each corresponding dimension in each report, rather than only once during Visitor History processing. The number of lookups required to create the drilldowns is thus much larger, and increases dramatically with any increase in the number of drilldown reports or in the size of the translation file. Because of the potential performance and scalability problems associated with these extra lookups, it is best to use only the methods described in this document to modify the campaigns and products translation files.

  1. Create a backup copy of the .csv file and rename it.
  2. Edit the .csv file. The simplest way to edit the file is to replace the information in each column with information from your website. For example, in the products.csv file, replace the entries in the Product SKU column with the product codes you will pass using the WT.pn_sku parameter, and replace the entries in the Family column with the name of the product family each product belongs to.
  3. If you want to remove dimensions from the analysis, delete any dimensions in the heading row that you do not want to include in your reports. For example, if you want to eliminate the Marketing Activity, Marketing Program, Partner, and Placement dimensions in the campaigns.csv file, edit the standard heading row:

    CampaignID,Description,Creative,Creative Type,Demand Channel,Marketing Activity,Marketing Program,Offer,Partner,Placement

    so it reads as follows:

    CampaignID,Description,Creative,Creative Type,Demand Channel,,,Offer,,

    Do not delete any of the commas that delimit the fields. Do not re-order the columns in the file. Deleting the comma delimiters or reordering the fields results in an incomplete analysis or inaccurate data.