Customizing Webtrends Analytics Campaign Reports

One way to address specific reporting needs for your website is to add some special features to your campaign reports.

For example, you may want to find out how well your campaigns are attracting visitors to perform various site-critical actions such as registrations or information searches. You may have specialized email campaign reporting needs. Or you may need to evaluate the impact of paid and unpaid search engine searches on campaign conversion. The following sections provide some suggestions for getting the kind of data you need.
Note: Several of the customizations described in the following sections rely on Webtrends Custom Reports. If you license Custom Reporting, you can freely create or customize custom reports, for example by designing your own scenarios. If you have licensed the Marketing Report Pack, you can use Marketing Custom Reports based on preconfigured elements, such as the Campaigns Purchase Conversion Funnel report, but you cannot modify them or create new ones. For more information about Webtrends licensing, see the Analytics 9 On Demand Implementation Guide on the Webtrends Documentation page.