Deleting Visitor Data Mart Profiles

When you delete a Visitor Data Mart profile, it is removed from the Administration interface, but its databases persist, occupying disk space on Event Database servers. A database administrator can use the instructions below to manually delete profile databases after a profile has been deleted in Administration.

  1. On the computer where your Webtrends system database is located, run the following stored procedure against the wtMaster database. The procedure returns a list of event databases in the EventDatabaseName column associated with deleted Visitor Data Mart profiles and the servers and instances on which these databases reside:

    USE wtMaster



  2. On the Event Database server, find the databases in SQL Server by looking at the ServerName and InstanceName columns.
  3. Delete the databases using SQL Management Studio.
Note: If you run the stored procedure again, after manually deleting databases, the list will not reflect the deletions. All profile databases that have ever been deleted from Administration appear in the list, regardless of whether they have already been deleted.