Downloading Available Files from the Data Scheduler

If you have a secure FTP client such as PuTTY, you can access the output from Data Scheduler jobs using secure FTP.

To discover the SFTP server access information for your account and see what files are available for collection, click Import/Export > Data Scheduler > Available Files. If you have the Data Scheduler Available Files (SFTP) user right, the Available Files dialog shows the URL of the SFTP server as well as information about the user name and password you can use to log in. Logging into the WebtrendsSFTP server displays a separate directory for each profile to which you have read access. Directories use the naming convention profile name-profile ID.

Note: To see files on the SFTP server and download them, you must have read access to the profile associated with the data capture or extract. This security ensures the security of profile data.

Available files are stored for seven days, and the Available Files dialog shows how many days your data remains on the server. If you do not collect your data within the seven-day period, it is deleted from the server.

If your data is the result of a Webtrends Analytics 9 data capture, you cannot recover the deleted data unless you request a complete reanalysis of your historical data files.

FTP Client Timeouts

Occasionally, an FTP client can time out before downloading the data files because directory listing is slow. If you notice an unexpected download failure, try resetting your FTP timeout to a larger number of seconds.