Example of Analytics Reports Data Capture

Anil supports a very large medical information web site with potentially millions of unique URLs. For compliance reasons, the legal team is especially concerned about traffic to the small area of the site devoted to HIPAA privacy information. While its strategic importance is high, this is one of the lowest-traffic areas of the web site. Because these pages currently rank below a 50,000-item limit for report rows, they do not appear in page ranking reports.

Using the following steps, Anil creates a weekly data capture to collect more complete analysis data that includes his pages of interest so he can track any changes in their page ranking. The CSV data is used by an in-house reporting application. He decides to send success notifications to himself when a capture succeeds, and error notifications to himself and the Webtrends administrator if a capture encounters problems.

Setting Up Anil's Data Capture

  1. Make sure Anil’s user role or user rights include the Data Scheduler Analytics Data Captures user right, the Data Scheduler Available Files (SFTP) user right, and Read access to the Public Site Traffic profile.
  2. Click Import/Export > Data Scheduler > Upcoming.
  3. Click New > Analytics Data Capture.
  4. Select the Public Site Traffic profile.
  5. Select the Top Pages report.
  6. Select Week as the time period.
  7. Under Notify, select Anil as the user, select Success and Errors, and select To.
  8. Click + to add another notification rule.
  9. Select the Webtrendsadministrator account, select Errors, and select To.
  10. Click Available Files to see SFTP login information and the file generated by the data capture.

Finally, Anil asks IT to set up a scheduled SFTP transfer to download the Webtrendsdata weekly as soon as it becomes available.