Example of Data Request Setup

Patricia works in online marketing for a major automobile manufacturer. In preparation for a campaign promoting the new model year, she is responsible for regularly gathering statistics about the demographics of the viewers who visit web pages for new-model cars. She has also been asked to provide lists of users with high interest in the 2009 models for targeted campaigns, along with their contact information, for an ExactTarget email campaign offering discounts on these models to high-interest buyers.

While Patricia has been successful in presenting Webtrends data to the larger Marketing team, her department wants to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Rather than creating multiple manually customized files for the company dashboard, she would prefer to automate the process of providing and customizing the data. Webtrends Data Scheduler enables her to create, automate, and easily modify data requests, and to generate and deliver data in multiple formats that integrate smoothly into company workflow.

Patricia wants to generate the following deliverables:

Patricia used the following setup to meet her deliverables: