Getting GeoTrends Software Updates

If you use Webtrends Analytics 9 software, you can check for updated versions of GeoTrends data through Analytics 9 Administration.

  1. In the left pane, click Administration > Install Components.
  2. Click Check For New Components.
  3. Webtrends looks for updated versions on the Webtrends web site. If a newer version is available, the dialog includes a link to download the new version.
  4. Click Update GeoTrends Data.
  5. Save the installation program to a computer running Webtrends, and run the installation program from the saved location.
  6. GeoTrends software automatically checks daily for a new data file. If an update is found, the GeoTrends software sends the new data to each of the GeoTrends servers you have configured. Otherwise, you can run the geotrendsupdate.exe to send a new GeoTrends data file to the servers immediately. The geotrendsupdate.exe is located in Webtrends Installation Directory\common\lib\ on the computer where GeoTrends is installed.