GetURL and ExternalInterface

For most website implementations, embedding a call to dcsMultiTrack in your Flash presentation is the most effective way to track Flash activity. There are two primary methods of tracking Flash traffic with an embedded call, getURL and ExternalInterface.

Currently, the ExternalInterface method is preferred for Webtrends tracking.

Comparing getURL and ExternalInterface

The following table provides a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of using getURL or ExternalInterface.

Table 1. Comparison of getURL and ExternalInterface Methods




  • Quick/easy

  • Good when there are different parameters on different events

  • Good when sending a variable number of parameters

  • Good for small implementations

  • Available in all versions of Flash

  • Scalability

  • Allows additional I/O if necessary

  • Allows you to send a larger number of parameters


  • Greater room for error -Less scalable

  • Does not allow for additional I/O functionality

  • Due to long string length limitations, limits number of parameters you can send

  • May be slightly more difficult to implement

  • Browser limitations

  • Possible greater overhead

  • Not available prior to Flash 8