How Can I Use Scenario Analysis?

Scenario Analysis can help you improve conversion rates on your website by identifying key processes on your site and discovering how well they work.

For example, one of your objectives is to increase the number of visitors who register on your site. The logical first step is to analyze the workflow in the registration areas of your website. Scenario Analysis can help you isolate the important steps and collect detailed information about how visitors are using them so you can interpret how to drive visitors to complete the registration process.

If you create a three-step registration scenario in Webtrends, Scenario Analysis captures the top entry pages for each step in the scenario as well as the paths visitors take when they abandon or complete the registration process. In addition, you'll find out how your visitors navigate each step in the registration process, where they get distracted or give up, and what pages they visit after they leave the scenario. The size of the funnel between each step provides a visual overview of how many visitors successfully move through each scenario step.

When you see where visitors deviate from the scenario, you can start optimizing your site's pages and improving the conversion numbers you see for each individual scenario step.