How dcsMultiTrack Works

When a visitor performs an action that activates dcsMultiTrack, the function relies on the information saved when it was initially collected when the page was loaded. The information sent by the tag becomes a single log file line in the SDC log.

Unmodified, this would duplicate a page view that was already recorded when the HTML page was initially loaded. However, dcsMultiTrack can overwrite or supplement any data you choose from the hosting page, enabling you to specify exactly what information is recorded in the hit being reported by dcsMultiTrack.

Additionally, when Web 2.0 technologies are implemented on a site that does not result in new HTML pages being loaded, such as Flash, Ajax, and other interactive elements, these interactions are not reported with the standard (non-dcsMultiTrack) implementation. When you implement dcsMultiTrack on a target page, data is collected each time an interaction occurs. User interactions, such as selecting different tabs or other options to change the content displayed, are reported in the same way as loading a new HTML page. Using dcsMultiTrack on sites that do not use Web 2.0 technologies provides a detailed view of how customers interact with the site when analyzing traffic.