How Does Webtrends Track Flash Events?

Because Flash files are typically embedded as an object in web content, most web servers do not record a visitor's interaction with a Flash file.

Browsers that include the Flash plug-in recognize the file type and launch the Flash application. After the Flash file loads, interaction with the application remains local to the web client's machine and does not typically generate hits to the content provider's web server log file. The following steps are required for tracking Flash interactions:

  1. Add an ActionScript event tracking function to the Flash file.
  2. Inside the function you created in step 1, add a call to dcsMultiTrack.
  3. Call the Action Script function to record the desired Flash events.
  4. Ensure that the dcsMultiTrack function is included in your Webtrends JavaScript tag. dcsMultiTrack is included in your tag by default if you created it using the Webtrends Tag Builder.