Importing Visitor Data Mart Event Data Lookup Tables

To simplify uploading lookup and translation data to Visitor Data Mart, you can now upload your lookup table files directly using secure FTP (SFTP). The Visitor 360 web service method has been discontinued.

When you upload lookup tables, you also upload a configuration file to a specified SFTP location. This configuration file specifies additional information about the lookup table you are importing, such as the type of import, the file upload properties, and the error notification settings.

  1. Create a lookup table in Analytics 9 Administration.
  2. Create a flatfile containing the data you want to upload.
  3. Create an XML configuration file with processing instructions for how the data should be added to the table.
  4. Upload the data file and the configuration file to your Visitor Data Mart SFTP location.
    Note: Common SFTP client tools include PuTTY, FileZilla and plugins for the latest browser versions.