Installing GeoTrends

If you use Webtrends On Premises, GeoTrends is an optional component that can be installed during the Webtrends installation.

For information about adding GeoTrends to your implementation, see the Installation and Upgrade Guide on the Webtrends Documentation page.

If your Webtrends installation CD-ROM is not available, you can download the GeoTrends database through Analytics 9 Administration. In the left pane, click Install Components. Click Accessories and then click GeoTrends Data.

If Webtrends is running in a distributed configuration, you can install GeoTrends on the same computer as the system database component, or you can install it on a dedicated computer. If you install GeoTrends on a separate computer, the installation updates the Webtrends database with the location of GeoTrends.

Activating GeoTrends

To activate GeoTrends after you install it, you must stop and restart the Webtrends Services to activate your GeoTrends installation.

Determining Whether GeoTrends Is Installed
  1. In the left pane of Analytics 9 Administration, click Application Settings > System Management Hosts.
  2. If GeoTrends is installed, the list of components includes GeoTrends Server.