Interpreting Scenario Funnels

The following section provides answers to some common questions about interpreting Scenario Analysis results.

What Can a Funnel Tell Me About My Scenario?

Your Scenario Funnel can answer these questions:

Why Are Visits for Step X Higher Than for a Preceding Step?

You may wonder why your Scenario Funnel does not taper perfectly, showing more visits for a step later in the scenario than for a preceding step. There are a number of possibilities.

One reason is that visitors can enter the scenario at any step in the process. A visitor may have bookmarked Step 2 in a previous visit and then entered the scenario using the bookmark when returning. Another reason is that the visitor session may have ended when the visitor was completing Step 2. When the visitor resumed activity, a new visitor session began, and the results show that the visitor entered the scenario at Step 2. In both cases, the Scenario Funnel could show more visits for Step 2 than for Step 1.

Why Don't These Numbers Add Up?

When you look at an Entry/Exit Pages Funnel, you may mentally add the total of the visits where visitors abandoned a step to the visits where visitors continued to the next step, and wonder why these numbers don't add up to the number of visits coming into the step in question. For example, suppose you have a Funnel that shows 11 visits for Step 2. In two of those visits, the visitor abandoned the scenario, and eight visits were converted to Step 3. You can add those visits together to account for 10 of the 11 visits, but you may wonder what happened to the remaining visit. However, if you switch the Funnel to the Scenario Step Transitions view and look at the exit pages for Step 2, you might see that one visitor skipped Step 3 and went directly to Step 4. Although the Step Transitions View shows the same number of visits for Step 2, your analysis of the pages visited immediately after Step 2 could help you account for the missing visit.

Why Are Numbers of Visits Different from View to View?

You can look at the Scenario Funnel using two views of the Scenario Funnel graph: Scenario Entry/Exit Pages and Scenario Step Transitions.

The Entry/Exit Pages view shows the entry and exit pages for each step in the scenario, and the Step Transitions view shows how visitors move from step-to-step in the scenario. While it might be tempting to sum the visits in each view in an effort to reconcile them, because of the non-linear nature of scenarios, you may not be able to do so. Instead, if you want a summary of visits for the scenario, use the table view of the Scenario Funnel.

To understand the different views, consider this example in which one visitor enters the scenario and moves through the steps in the following order: