Passing Parameters in dcsMultiTrack

When tracking Flash with dcsMultiTrack, keep in mind that any and all parameters passed to Webtrends on the initial page load (before the on-page click occurred) are inherited and included by default when the on-page click occurs. You can clear out inherited values using the dcsCleanUp function.

When deciding which parameters to pass in your Flash clicks, keep in mind that these parameters should help differentiate this click from the initial page load hit.

As a best practice, use the following parameters in the dcsMultiTrack call: DCS.dcsuri and WT.ti. Passing these two parameters (and their associated values) ensures the clicks do not look like standard page views in standard page reporting.

For the DCS.dcsuri parameter, the best practice is to send a value similar to the current URI, but with a small, meaningful difference. For example, a customer clicks a download button on a products page on the /products URI. Passing /products/button/download as the URI value identifies the click as a download rather than a page view.

For the WT.ti value, prepend a string such as Link: or Button: to the page title. This prefix easily differentiates button clicks in the Pages report.