Prepare Your Webtrends Environment for Data Scheduling

Configure parameters and upload a lookup table to prepare your environment for data scheduling.

  1. Tag product information pages on the web site with a content group parameter (WT.cg_n) that identifies the model year for the content being viewed. Patricia has also tagged the site with the content sub-group parameter, WT.cg_s, to indicate the specific model of car.
  2. Contact WebtrendsSupport to upload a lookup table containing detailed visitor information including gender, age, income bracket, Lifetime Value, email address, and zip code.
  3. In Administration > Visitor Data Mart > Events, first edit the Visitor event and then edit the External Visitor ID attribute so it is associated with the lookup table you uploaded. Linking the External Visitor ID to your external visitor data makes this data available to the Content Group Event.
  4. Create and initiate a profile called Recent Models with the Visit, Visitor, and Content Group events enabled.