Setting Up Secure FTP Encryption

If you plan to use FTP to deliver scheduled reports, you may want to secure your FTP delivery. To use SFTP, select the Use secure FTP check box when you configure your scheduled report. You also need to set up public-private key encryption to ensure secure delivery.

Setting up standard FTP without a SSH server does not require any additional setup outside your scheduled report settings.

  1. In the left pane, click Administration > Application Settings > Options.
  2. Click FTP Encryption Key Management.
  3. Select an encryption key type.
  4. If you selected RSA, select the key size you want to use for encryption. For most users, 1024-bit encryption provides an effective balance between security and performance.
  5. In the Passphrase text box, type a passphrase Webtrends Analytics 9 can use to access the private key. This passphrase is used internally to provide an additional layer of security. Leaving the Passphrase text box blank is an option, but could create a security problem.
  6. Click Generate Key Pair. Webtrends Analytics 9 updates the public key for the scheduled report server.
  7. Click Download Public Key to download the Webtrends_pub.txt file. This file contains the key.
  8. Add the contents of Webtrends_pub.txt file to the authorized_keys file on the SSH server where you plan to transfer scheduled reports.