Setting Up SmartView Reporting

Using Webtrends SmartView, you can evaluate the most important pages on your website with a number of metrics that Webtrends Analytics 9 tracks.

Before you can use SmartView, a Webtrends administrator must create a Webtrends Analytics 9 profile so that it understands your website and generates reports properly for SmartView. After you complete these steps, users can install SmartView on their computers and view their reports.
For more information about installing and using SmartView and the type of data that SmartView tracks, see the SmartView User’s Guide on the Webtrends Documentation page.

Getting Started

Webtrends provides two ways to track website activity for SmartView:

If your organization has traffic that is typical for an enterprise-level site, you can create a profile for basic SmartView report or create an advanced SmartView profile. Most organizations use this method of tracking page data for SmartView.

If you use Webtrends On Demand or SmartSource Data Collector and your organization has an exceptionally large site, consider using the JavaScript tag to collect data for SmartView.