Terms Used in Tracking Conversion and Abandonment

Tracking conversion and abandonment discussions use Webtrends-specific terminology.


The act of leaving a website immediately from a scenario without completing all the scenario steps during a visitor session. If a visitor leaves the scenario and re-enters it at any step during the same visit session, Webtrends does not consider this abandonment.

Conversion, Conversion Rate

The percentage of a group (of visits or visitors) that completed a specified action indicating customer interest. Conversion can assess any type of action a web site wants its visitors to perform, and any type of goal or mission a visitor wants to complete on the site. For example, conversion could describe the percentage of all visits that involved a completed registration. Conversion can also refer to visitors who performed a very small and precise action, such as reaching Step 3 of a scenario and then continuing to Step 4. It can also apply to a subpopulation, such as the percent of knowledge base searches that result in issue resolution.


A series of two or more pages, or groups of pages, on a web site that can be treated as a process or logical sequence, such as the process of making a purchase (the checkout process), the process of signing up for a newsletter (the signup or registration process), the process of using a gift finder, and so on. While a scenario by definition has a series of ordered steps, it is possible for visitors to start processes mid-scenario, such as a campaign that directs visitors to Step 2 of the scenario.

Scenario Analysis

The settings in Webtrends that define the steps of your web site scenarios. Scenario Analysis provides the data for your Scenario Funnels. Scenario Analysis is set up by the Webtrends administrator. Scenario Analysis is a definitive and proven methodology that Webtrends delivers to customers to help them better understand and optimize conversion on their web site.

Scenario Conversion, Conversion Rate

The percentage of a group (of visits or visitors) that started a scenario in relation to those that completed the scenario.

Step Conversion Rate

The percentage of visits that reached a step specified in the scenario.

Scenario Entry Page, or Inflow

The page a visitor requested immediately before entering the scenario.

Scenario Exit Page, or Detours

The page a visitor requested immediately after completing or abandoning the scenario.

Scenario Funnel

A report showing the amount of activity at each step of a defined scenario, plus conversion rates for each transition from step to step as well as for the whole process. Examples of scenarios are check-out, registration, or application sequences. Scenario visualization capabilities show visitor progress through scenarios, as well as the origin of visits entering scenarios midway and where visitors went after leaving the scenario.

Step Transition

The path that visitors take through the scenario, including how they enter the scenario, which steps in the scenario they skip, and which steps they repeat before completing the scenario.

Webtrends Administrator

A Webtrends user who has rights to all features. The work needed to set up scenarios in Webtrends is completed by the Webtrends administrator.