Tracking Offsite URLs with getURL

One scenario that often causes difficulty for clients is tracking a Flash button that points to an off-site URL. The reason this causes difficulty is because Flash does not correctly handle two getURL calls on one event.

For example:

on(release){ getURL("javascript:dcsMultiTrack('parameter1','value1','parameter2','value2')"); getURL("","_self");

In this case, the window navigates to the new URL, but dcsMultiTrack does not execute. To fix this problem, point the window to the new URL within the same javascript call as the dcsMultiTrack, as shown in the following example:

on(release){ getURL("javascript:dcsMultiTrack('parameter1','value1','parameter2','value2');windo w.location('')");

This problem only occurs when two getURL methods are called on the same event. The ExternalInterface method of Flash tracking does not experience this problem.