Tracking Paid Search Campaigns Versus Organic Searches

You can use Webtrends Analytics 9 Paid and Organic Search Engine reports to compare paid search placements with search engine traffic acquired through customer-driven searches.

To ensure you can accurately differentiate traffic from paid placements from organic traffic, use the WT.srch=1 parameter in the URL from the referring search engine for all paid searches. This parameter always has a value of 1. Organic searches do not include this parameter in the URL. Note that Search Engine Campaign results are displayed in the Marketing > Search Engines section of the Webtrends Analytics 9 Complete template, not in the Campaigns section.
Note: Search engine results using WT.srch=1 are limited to only those search engines that are listed on the Webtrendssearch engine availability list. Using WT.srch=1 will not produce search engine campaign results for search engines that are not recognized by Webtrends.