Tracking Visitors Across Domains in Webtrends Analytics 9

Configure session tracking for visitors across domains in the Web Analysis, Reports & Profiles dialog in Analytics 9.

  1. Create a separate data source for each domain.
  2. Create your tag using the Tag Builder at
  3. Select Web Analysis > Data Sources and then select all of the data sources you want to analyze for this profile. Be sure that for each data source checked here, you generate the tag using Tag Builder and that you update the tag on every page of the domains affected. Missed pages are not counted. The tag generated on the Data Sources tab does not support cross-domain tracking for Visitor Data Mart profiles.
  4. Select Web Analysis > Reports & Profiles.
  5. Edit the specified profile.
  6. Select Analysis > Session Tracking.
  7. Select session tracking options:
    • For Visitor Data Mart profiles, select the option that matches your selection under Visitor Data Mart Specific Visitor Tracking on the Advanced Settings tab in Tag Builder. The default selection in Tag Builder and in Session Tracking is Use standard Webtrends Visitor ID (WT.vt_sid).
    • For Webtrends Analytics 9 profiles, select Track User Sessions Using First-Party Cookie (Account Rollup).
  8. Click Next.
  9. Click Save.
  10. The reports for this profile show aggregated data for the domains that belong to that account.
    Note: Webtrends Analytics 9 Business Edition does not support cross-domain tracking.