Understanding Filter Processing

Webtrends Analytics 9 applies filters at different stages of analysis.

When you apply a filter at the profile level, your selections affect the data available to all the report tables for the profile. When you apply a custom report filter, your selections affect only the data for a single report table. Information you filter out of that table is still available for other reports.

From Webtrends Analytics Reports, you can also apply queries or searches to the data within a report. Although queries and searches determine the data displayed in your report, and you can export a subset of data based on a query or search, Webtrends never discards any data based on queries and searches. Thus, they are not true filters.

The following graphic shows an overview of how Webtrends processes profile-level filters, custom report filters, queries, and searches.

In this graphic, hits/visits pass through a profile-level filter, then pass through custom report filters to produce a summary table from each filter. One of the summary tables produces a report from a report search or query.