Understanding Profile and Template Rights

Profile and Template rights are Create, View, Edit, and Delete rights to individual profiles and templates within Webtrends.

Profile and Template rights can provide better security and more targeted report content. In cases where different users and roles should not see the same data, you can use these rights to determine which profile data users can access and the number and arrangements of the reports they see. For example, Webtrends users who provide third-party reporting services often use profile rights to make sure each company only has access to its own data.

Similarly, you can limit template rights to make only certain groups of reports visible to each user or role. For example, if you only want to provide Search reports to your Search Marketing group, you can create a template that contains only those reports and grant template rights to each user in the group. Alternately, you can create a Search Marketing role that has those rights and assign it to all users in the group.

Note: Granting access to all profiles or all templates listed in the Profiles Rights and Template Rights dialogs does not also grant access to newly created profiles and templates. To grant rights to all current and future templates and profiles, use the Profiles and Templates rights in the Action Rights dialog.