Understanding Scheduled Reports

Scheduled reports provide a method of exporting report data in a variety of formats on a schedule you select. They also provide the capability to distribute reports and report data to users who do not have access rights to WebtrendsAnalytics Reports.

Based on your existing profiles, scheduled reports can export Webtrends Analytics 9 data to the following formats:

Scheduled reports can also distribute Webtrends Analytics 9 reports by saving them to a specified file location, sending them as an email attachment, or transferring them using an FTP server.

Visitor Data Mart Data Exports

You can use scheduled reports to export data from a Visitor Data Mart in the form of a CSV file. Each scheduled export can export data for a single named query that has been associated with your Visitor Data Mart profile.

Exporting Data Directly from Analytics Reports

If you do not want to create a scheduled report, or if you do not have rights to the Job Scheduler module, you can export data directly from a Webtrends Analytics 9 report. You can also schedule report exports directly from the WebtrendsAnalytics Reports interface.

Note: Before you can use email exported reports from Webtrends, you must provide information about your SMTP server in the Email Settings dialog in Webtrends Analytics 9. Until you provide this information, the email option is not visible when creating exports. To set these defaults, in the left pane, click Administration > Job Scheduler > Options and click Email Settings.

Direct exports from Analytics 9 have the following limitations: