Using Campaigns and Products Drilldowns

Campaigns and Products drilldown reports can provide powerful information for marketing and commerce analysis. They rely on specialized, preconfigured translation files that provide external information about campaigns or products.

For example, Campaigns reports can provide hierarchically organized information about campaign demand channels, marketing activities, and creatives. Product reports can provide information about product families and categories. This information is linked to a campaign ID passed in the WT.mc_id parameter (for campaigns reports) or a product ID code passed in the WT.pn_sku parameter (for Products reports).

If you use Webtrends On Premises, you can easily modify these translation files to use the data for your organization. If you use Webtrends Analytics 9, contact Webtrends Technical Support for information about uploading a translation file.

Note: For detailed information about setting up and using campaign reporting, see How Do I Measure Campaign Success?, available on the Webtrends Customer Center.