Using Flash with getURL

To log a virtual page view whenever a visitor plays a particular Flash movie embedded in your page, you can activate the dcsMultiTrack function from within the ActionScript for the Flash object using getURL.

This is the same functionality that is commonly used when a button within a Flash movie links to another site: the Flash object tells the page where it resides to get the URL, which in turn navigates the browser to the requested page. For example, you can insert the following code in the first frame of the Flash movie:


Note that in ActionScript, this code must appear on a single line with no line break. This code does not need to be on its own layer.

You can track other Flash events in addition to plays. To capture data when a button is clicked within a Flash application, use the dcsMultiTrack function from within the event handler for that button. For example, if you have a button that plays an additional piece of video, your event handler syntax may look similar to the following example:

on (release) {
getURL("=javascript:dcsMultiTrack('DCS.dcsuri', '/Support/ws.html/'
'WT.ti', 'Training%20Info%20Button', 'DCSext.type1', 'Flash')");

Using this implementation, any visitor interaction that triggers a Flash event can be reported to Webtrends as a virtual page view.