Using GeoTrends

GeoTrends enhances both preconfigured and custom reports with demographic and marketing data by using the client computer's IP address to look up information such as area code, region, country, city, state, and market segmentation information.

In pre-defined reports, the main differences when using GeoTrends are reflected in several visitor-related reports, especially those reports under the Geography heading.

For an example of how Webtrends uses GeoTrends data, look at the Countries report in the Visitors > Geography reports folder. This report shows the top countries of the visitors to your site. Without GeoTrends, the report shows only one country category called Unknown Origin. When creating custom reports, GeoTrends dimensions (listed and described in the following section) are always available. However, you need GeoTrends installed to get meaningful information for these dimensions.

Note: GeoTrends is not available for Webtrends Analytics 9 Small Business Edition, and GeoTrends data does not appear in reports for Basic Parent-Child profiles in Webtrends On Premises or Analytics 9.