Using Lookup Tables for Analytics Reports Translation

When you create dimensions or measures for custom reports in Webtrends Analytics 9, you have the option to upload and leverage some of your own organization's data to augment or translate the data shown in your Webtrendsreports.

Some common uses of translation data are:

Lookup Table Configuration

To configure translation tables in Analytics 9 Administration, you provide a CSV file including your translation data or other information, and designate which “key” column links the data together. Then assign the translation table to a dimension or measure to ensure the data is translated in each report containing that dimension or measure.

If you use Webtrends Analytics 9, contact your account representative for assistance with uploading lookup tables. If you use Webtrends Analytics On Premises, click Administration > Web Analysis > Report Configuration > Custom Reports > Lookup Tables to upload a lookup table.

Lookup Table Documentation

You can find field-specific information for each dialog in the Help.