Using Lookup Tables for Visitor Data Mart Data Augmentation

Visitor Data Mart provides a high level of custom event configuration, including the use of lookup tables to augment your Webtrendsdata with external data linked to specific event attributes.

You can populate your Visitor Data Mart with additional non-Webtrends data using Lookup Tables. For example, a product SKU is a unique value that has multiple attributes associated with it such as name, color, size, and supplier. You can use a lookup table to associate these additional values with the product SKU, greatly increasing the range of data available in Visitor Data Mart.

Lookup Table Configuration

To configure Visitor Data Mart lookup tables, click Administration > Web Analysis > Visitor Data Mart > Lookup Tables.

Lookup Table Documentation

For more information about using and configuring lookup tables, see the Visitor Data Mart On Demand Administrator's Guide on the Webtrends Documentation page.