Using Multiple Translation Files for Campaigns

By default, all profiles point to the same campaigns and products translation files. However, you may have multiple profiles with different translation needs. You can specify a different translation file for each profile.

  1. Open wtm_wtx.ini in a text editor. By default, it is stored in the Webtrends installation directory\storage\config\wtm_wtx directory.
  2. Copy the text from [wtt] to the end of the [wtt2] section.
  3. Open the profile file for the profile whose data is to be translated in a text editor and paste in the copied text.
    Note: By default, profile files are stored in the Webtrends installation directory\storage\config\wtm_wtx\datfiles\profiles directory and have a .wlp extension. The profile file name is listed in the General dialog box for the profile. For example, if the Profile File Name for your profile is owVSmUxuvL5, it is listed in the profiles directory as owVSmUxuvL5.wlp.
  4. In the profile file, directly under [wtt] add the following line:

    overrideglobal = 1.

    This tells Webtrends Analytics 9 to use the translation file you specify for this profile.

  5. Under [wtt1], locate the following line:

    filename = .\wtm_wtx\datfiles\datasources\Campaigns.csv

    and replace the file name Campaigns.csv with the name of the translation file you want to use for this profile.

  6. Copy the translation file specified in Step 5 into the .\wtm_wtx\datfiles\datasources directory.
  7. Repeat these steps for every profile that uses a translation file.