Using Profile-Level Filters

Because Webtrends Analytics 9 is designed to analyze large volumes of web data, an important part of configuring Webtrends is identifying and isolating exactly the data needed to make business decisions.

Using filters to narrow down the data Webtrends analyzes for profiles and custom reports can help you focus reporting much more effectively. Because Webtrends analyzes only the relevant data, the result of careful filtering is more meaningful, readable reports as well as improved performance. This chapter describes how to use each type of Webtrends filter and how to combine them to customize the data you analyze. For more information about using specific filter elements to isolate business data, see the Guide to Web Analytics on the Webtrends Documentation page.

For the purposes of this chapter, filters applied at the profile level are referred to as profile-level filters to distinguish them from custom report filters, which only filter data at the individual report level.

Note: This chapter does not apply to Webtrends Analytics 9 Small Business.