Using SmartView for A/B Testing

No matter what the objective of your web site is, A/B testing can help you identify design elements that compel your visitors to respond, whether that means clicking on a promotion, purchasing a product, or reading a news story.

SmartView allows you to conduct tests that identify visitor responses to the variable you are testing. You can view the results of those tests through data directly superimposed on the web pages you are testing.

One way that you might use SmartView for A/B testing is to test the elements of an email campaign. Some design elements you might test are:

The following graphic shows a sample promotional offer and some design elements you might want to test using SmartView:

This example web page displays a featured product and various fonts and headings.

As a best practice, you can either test one element at a time or multiple elements at a time in a controlled environment so that you can identify the winning element for each test.

In our email campaign example, you could ask your web site developer to create separate landing pages for each layout that you would like to test. For example, if you want to compare responses to three landing page headers, have your web developer create three separate landing pages. Make sure that each page is designed in such a way that you can navigate to them using SmartView. You can also subdivide the group of emails sent to your test audience so that each landing page has the potential for equal numbers of responses.

Ask your Webtrends administrator to create a SmartView profile that includes the time period surrounding your email campaign. You may also want your administrator to create an analysis filter that includes only traffic from your landing pages.

After your profile is set up and analysis completes, you can log in to SmartView, browse to each of the landing pages, and view metrics such as clickthroughs and conversions for the elements you are testing.

For more information about performing effective A/B testing, see “Optimizing Your Marketing Campaigns with A/B Testing” in the Customer Center.